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A programmed ecological and economic catastrophe?

EDF (« Electricité de France ») has a project to invest 650 000 000 euros in the creation of an industrial site SEVESO 2 in the landes region in order to stock 600 000 000m3 of compressed gas in 12 salt caverns which they would hollow in a salt dome in Pouillon. This operation requires a large quantity of sea water for the washing out of these caverns. EDF plans to create a double canal system 40kms long which would allow them to withdraw sea water on one side, and to reject the residue from the boring of the caverns (brine) on the other side. The dissolution stage would take 10-12 years, before any stocking could take place. The reject debit would be approximately 860m3/hour with a salt density, along with other particles, heavy metals, in the order of 250gr/litre. About 215 tonnes of salt an hour, or 5160 tonnes a day for a period of 10 years or more.

Consequences and Indignation :

  • The pollution of one of the worlds most beautiful beaches
  • The deliberate destruction of the landes natural heritage
  • Danger of leakages of brine and the pollution of natural and fragile locations, ground water and thermal sources
  • Devalorisation of land heritage, degradation of the landes region’s image and tourist activities
  • Risk SEVESO 2 on the stockage site in an area with a seismic risk of 3/5
  • Salt wastage
  • Total contradiction with energy politics of the region, violation of environmental laws in force for a purely speculative project…..

Opposition and Resistance :

The scientific community, environmental protection associations, the local authorities and local council members have put forward the industrial risks and ecological and economical consequences of this project. They have unanimously pronounced their opposition to the realisation of the project. In order to reinforce their position and force the county authorities to relate to higher authorities the populations will, it is important to join forces and make the opposition as visible as possible. A referendum has not been proposed, so signed petitions are the only means for opinions to be expressed. Petitions are recognized as being within the framework of a participating democracy, as stated in the written texts of the local council of the Landes (see  www.landes.org/les-commissions).

Action :

Have no illusions, public opinion is the only way to influence the decision to be made by politicians, to abort the project. The future of this region and the cleanliness of the ocean lies within our hands. Each signature on the list counts, and that person can be proud to lend support to the opposition. So that promises are not made in vain, and that the populations will and wisdom be heard.

Sign, and pass on the petition to be signed on line !

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